Change in plans 

The original plan was to spend the next few months traveling, as I had the rare exacta (money and time) which makes such a venture possible. I was going to find myself and have a spiritual awakening that would lead me to the next path. You know, my standard over-planning/controlling mindset. But then something happened. 

Well, a few things actually.

The first and most important is that after much planning and researching and planning and reading and analyzing I adopted a dog. Walked into the rescue with absolutely no intention of leaving with a pup. Figured I’d have to undergo interviews and home assessment and what have you. But somehow I left that place with the most perfect, hyper, curious, nose-to-the-ground Beagle baby. 

After 3 months of being a SAHM to a pup A and I went to Toronto for his birthday trip. Gone for 4 days, pup at “camp.” He loves it and seemed to be fine.

A month later I went to Cayman for a week, home for a day, then buyback for a week. Due to commuting I left home before he was awake and got home around his bedtime. He was not happy. And I realized that him feeling safe and secure outweighed my juvenile need to “find myself” aka run away from my problems.

So while I do have a few short trips still on the books over the upcoming months my priorities have changed. I’ve joined a gym and am working with a trainer to get back the healthier “old me” so I can move confidently into the next chapter of my life. Tying up the last few loose ends on Dad’s estate that keep popping up. 

Cleaning out a lot because stuff + memories = baggage. And the only baggage I want is what fits comfortably in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of me:)


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